Feast of good food and drink

What can we offer

An unlimited variation of culinary specialities, fresh vegetable salads and home made desserts, all presented on a self-service board right in front of you. Choose exactly what your eyes take a fancy and taste the genuine atmosphere of a celebration of good food and drink just like at a real fiesta.

We accept the following credit/debit cards and vouchers:

VISA, Maestro, MasterCard; SODEXO, Ticket-Restaurant (paper&electronic) and Chéque Déjeuner

Daily Offer

Dear guest's,

Our daily offer is served from 11:00 to 14:30

Lunch box (also for soup) is complimentary should you decide to take lunch with you.

Information about allergens can be provided by our restaurant staff upon request.

Monday 17.1.

Daily menu

135 Kč
0 Kč


35 Kč
40 Kč


150g 135 Kč
300g 135 Kč
220g 130 Kč
200g 135 Kč


35 Kč

Fit Programme

Hot Buffet

Side dishes

A lá carte meals

Fried Chicken Schnitzel 150g 0 Kč
Fried Cheese 150g 0 Kč
Fried Camembert 120g 0 Kč

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Drink Menu


White wine0,187 l32,- CZK
Red wine0,187 l32,- CZK

Non-alcoholic beer

Radegast Birell0,33 l28,- CZK


Gambrinus 10°0,5 l25,- CZK
Gambrinus 10°0,3 l15,- CZK


Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light0,5 l35,- CZK
Fanta0,5 l35,- CZK
Bonaqua (lightly or not carbonated)0,5 l25,- CZK
Nestea lemon, peach, green tea0,5 l35,- CZK

Hot drinks

Coffee 25,- CZK
Tea 25,- CZK

Business breakfast

We are glad to welcome you at the breakfast buffet in our Fiesta restaurant. You can choose from a wide range of warm dishes (roasted ham, sausages, boiled eggs) as well as cold ones (3 kinds of salami 3 kinds of cheese), yogurts, fruit, muesli, pancakes, homemade cakes, and lot more.

Breakfast Buffet

200,- CZK
In addition to our breakfast buffet offer you can order our extras:
Scrambled eggs with onion35,- CZK
Baked ham wish eggs50,- CZK
Baked bacon with eggs50,- CZK
Cheese omelette50,- CZK
Ham omelette50,- CZK
Are you looking for a place for business breakfast or lunch? You can book a private Fiesta lounge. On request the lounge can be equipped with a PC with Internet connection. The lounge offers comfortable seating for up to 8 people.

You can book lounge Fiesta at:
Tel: (+420) 702 188 712
Fax: (+420) 224 811 083
Email: fbm@hotel-atlantic.cz

Conference Facilities

Hotel Atlantic is offering its conference facilities for organizing of conferences, meetings, seminars, business breakfasts and various celebrations. There are two rooms. Congress hall (13m x 11m x 6m) is suitable for organizing of seminars and corporate events. Fiesta lounge with capacity of 8 persons (4m x 4m x 2,5m) is suitable for smaller meetings. 
For example: Meetings with a coffee break, Banquets, Cocktails, Celebratory lunches and dinners, Business breakfasts, A glass of wine, Weddings, Graduations, Name-day and birthday celebrations, Garden parties and others.

Maximal capacity of the room for the arrangement of tables

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Offer of coffee breaks, menu and buffet

Coffee, tea, mineral water99,- CZK
Coffee, tea, mineral water, homemade pastry149,- CZK
Coffee, tea, mineral water, ham/cheese snadwich179,- CZK
Coffee, tea, mineral water, fruit bowl179,- CZK
Menu from300,- CZK
Buffet from400,- CZK



7. 10. 2016

What´s happening?

Free WiFi

13. 1. 2016

WiFi connection to the internet is provided free of charge.

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Restaurant FIESTA
Na Poříčí 9, 110 00 Praha 1
Tel: (+420) 225 388 257
Fax: (+420) 224 811 083
e-mail: fbm@hotel-atlantic.cz

Monday - Friday:
07:00 - 10:00 and 11:00 - 14:30

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